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Welcome to my website. Here are some thoughts about emotional difficulties and effective therapy.


It is normal to feel hesitant about making life changes and uneasy discussing personal difficulties.


Life can be stressful given its fast pace, increasing demands, more materialistic desires, less time for self-care, etc.  Between 20% and 24% of primary care patients have psychological disorders (WH0 educational packet 2000).


Difficult life experiences and unresolved emotional problems gradually result in dissatisfaction, unproductive behaviors, and an unbalanced life.


Psychiatric medications may tend to be effective in reducing symptoms, but do not necessarily help achieve happiness.


Effective therapy

  • Reveals how difficult experiences have resulted in distress and problems;
  • Re-examines such experiences resulting in emotional freedom and confidence;
  • Motivates using newfound resources to maximize one’s potential and create a balanced lifestyle.

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